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Our mission statement is to assist our clients in reducing their exposure to environmental liability and hazards. It is understood that the nature of the work being performed by Balestrieri Environmental & Development, the protection of human health and the environment shall be the number on concern of every employee and shall supersede time to ensure that our work is completed safely for all parties involved.

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We’re professionals in asbestos abatement, including thorough pre-construction inspections of a project site as required by law. Our abatement projects are on display here.

833 Michigan Street in Milwaukee Wisconsin with asbestos abatement services by Balestrieri Environmental
MKE Lofts Project in by Balestrieri Environmental performing abatement and demolition in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Adaptive Reuse

Our industry knowledge and expertise assist all project stakeholders in making informed decisions for optimal results and value of historic preservation projects. You can find more information here.


We have highly skilled demolition and excavation experts, with decades of successful planning and execution, to guide you through all stages of your project. To learn more about our demolition services, click here.

Haymarket Lofts project performing asbestos abatement and demolition by Balestrieri Environmental in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Aerial Imagery sUAV

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV) provide significant benefits for the facilities management and construction industries. Our FAA licensed pilots and FAA registered equipment provide you with a next-level partnership in project progress monitoring. Learn more here.


As a turnkey environmental remediation services company, we also offer the following specialty services such as duct cleaning, freon material, mechanical insulation removal, and dust particle containment. Click here to learn more about our may specialty services.

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