A Company Founded with a Station Wagon and a Stolen Wheelbarrow

In the early nineties shortly following college graduation, Ken Balestrieri was working road construction jobs while Cindy Balestrieri was working in corporate communications. One of the jobs Ken picked up during this time was for an abatement company that took on a demolition project. The company soon went bankrupt, but Ken and Cindy saw this an opportunity to start their own abatement and demolition company.

The first office space was out of Ken’s parent’s garage. Equipment for the business included a station wagon and a wheelbarrow, “borrowed” from the garage office space for the company’s first projects. Three decades and thousands of projects later, the same principle that started the company still applies: Balestrieri doesn’t quit.


We Aren’t Builders, We’re Re-Builders

Balestrieri Environmental & Development looks at a project from its entire scope of work, not just from the individual environmental aspect. We communicate directly with clients, property owners, general contractors, and subcontractors to coordinate our project involvement in a safe and time-effective manner. We pride ourselves not as builders, but re-builders, rejuvenating properties that have not been utilized for decades. Our team offers a wide range of project expertise in various sectors including commercial, education, energy, manufacturing, medical, logistics, and transportation.

Connect With Us for Your Next Project

While technology fads and industry trends eb and flow, the human element of partnership never fades. The bedrock of our company is comprised of adaptability, professionalism, and dependability. That’s why our clients have trusted us with their environmental and demolition challenges for the past thirty years. See for yourself how our turn-key approach can help with your next project.