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At The Intersection Of Saving History & Creating Safe Environments
Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clients in reducing their exposure to environmental liability and hazards.

It is understood that the nature of the work being performed by Balestrieri Environmental & Development, the protection of human health and the environment shall be the number one concern of every employee and shall supercede time to ensure that our work is completed safely for all parties involved.

Who We Are

Leading Environmental Construction Company

Following graduation from UW Stevens Point, Ken and Cindy Balestrieri were working in their respective fields of study. Ken was applying his Bachelor of Science degree in the construction field, and Cindy was applying for her Bachelor of Arts degree in corporate communications in the manufacturing industry. Prior to this, Ken’s father, Anthony F. Balestrieri (AIA, NSPE), had been hired by a federal agency to design their asbestos removal specifications. The opportunity asbestos abatement offered was quickly recognized. Ken, Cindy, and Tony were ready to tackle challenges that came with establishing an abatement company in Southeastern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Ken and Cindy celebrating Balestrieri's 30th anniversary

Balestrieri Environmental & Development

On March 25, 1992, Balestrieri Environmental & Development was incorporated. The first office space was on the enclosed porch of Cindy and Ken’s home. Equipment for the company included a station wagon and a wheelbarrow, “borrowed” from Tony’s garage.

As Elkhorn’s Leading Industrial Service company, and through decades of successful environmental service projects for all types of facilities, Balestrieri has a wide range of project expertise in various sectors including commercial construction, education, energy, healthcare, and manufacturing, logistics, and transportation. We recognize that each client has unique needs, and solutions are customized accordingly. Project and field managers work hand-in-hand with onsite contractors, while Balestrieri field crews operate in an orchestrated fashion for a turn-key approach to any environmental building renovation or demolition service we are contracted to perform.

As planning gives way to building reality, knowing a client’s needs can be crucial in making a project stay on budget. By providing both the environmental work and surgical demolition, while also considering the entire scope of work and not just our involvement, Balestrieri saves clients both time and resources.

Reducing Environmental Liability

Our passion for safety, value, service, trust, integrity and the spirit of partnership is brought to every project. The responsibility to greatly reduce a building owner’s environmental liability by providing the highest level of health and safety for building occupants is what we do, because building occupants aren’t just employees, tenants, or tradesmen and women. They are irreplaceable family members and friends. The adherence to this mindset is what has kept Balestrieri Environmental & Development strong for the past thirty years, and for the years to come.

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