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Duct Cleaning

When dealing with suspected hazardous materials within a facility, it’s important to include proper duct cleaning as part of the overall hazardous waste remediation. Dust and moisture can create an ideal environment for mold growth, trap allergens, airborne bacteria, and other airborne particulates that could compromise the health and safety of building occupants.

Balestrieri has experience in safely cleaning ducts within occupied and unoccupied buildings to ensure that air circulation throughout a structure is free of hazardous materials.

Mechanical Insulation Removal

Existing mechanical insulation in older buildings can contain hazardous materials and must be safely removed during the interior demolition process. Balestrieri’s team of experts has experience with insulation materials and can safely and efficiently remove and dispose of hazardous insulation.

Dust Particulate Containment

Balestrieri’s expert installation process of dust particulate containments allows for all surrounding work to continue. These enclosures can be constructed as free standing, moveable, or ceiling supported, and are anti-flammable, anti-static, double – or privacy – walled, and extremely durable. Special options such as negative air pressure and HEPA filtered exhausting and ventilation can be accommodated as well.

Dust particulate containments are also referred to as industrial dust containment enclosures and dust barriers.

Freon Removal

Freons are types of chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) used as refrigerants in commercial and industrial appliances for food transportation and cold storage warehouses. If handled improperly and released into the atmosphere, CFCs have been linked to ozone depletion. Our team has decades of professional experience handling, removing, and disposing of refrigerants and can take care of your Freon needs safely, effectively, and efficiently.