Our team of professionals assist property owners in navigating the complex web of government regulations and utility disconnects while ensuring the protection of human health and the environment throughout all stages of the demolition project. We practice great caution in every step of the dismantling, demolition and cleaning process – yielding greater than satisfactory results for all parties involved. Balestrieri is the contractor you can trust to handle your demolition project from start to finish on time and within budget. 

The flexibility and skill that Balestrieri showed allowed us to stay on track during a critical shutdown. Those efforts do not go unnoticed and I wanted to share just how happy we were with how Balestrieri’s work turned out.
– James Apitz, Dupont


Selective Interior Demolition

As land and new construction costs continue to rise, existing property renovation and improvement is becoming increasingly attractive to many of our clients. We understand the complex task of interior demolition and removal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, salvage, and waste equipment while a property is fully shut down, partially open, or even fully operational. Our experience and specialized equipment allow us to work with your schedules and changing needs while meeting and exceeding expectations. 


Balestrieri’s team of highly skilled excavation experts fully comprehend government regulations and municipal zoning laws and ordinances. Our team goes above and beyond to ensure full compliance in all jurisdictions.


  • Works with surrounding property owners and stakeholders to understand their needs and issues
  • Knows local soils and natural features to prevent unnecessary complications during demolition and excavation
  • Creates a work flow plan for optimal efficiency during the work phases
  • Prepares all paperwork for timely submittals and documentation

Hazardous Waste Removal

We are trained and certified to safely remove and dispose of underground storage tanks and hazardous wastes such as PCBs, Mercury, and other hazardous materials in compliance with all regulations. Balestrieri offers hazardous waste management strategies from characterization to disposal including stabilization and treatment. We can recommend best practices and the most economical solutions and technologies for waste-specific problems.