Local governments and real estate investors continue to pursue reuse and historic restoration of existing urban cores as people rediscover city living. A well-conceived and carefully planned sustainable development effort can not only greatly revitalize a property, but also have a significant positive impact on the community. Our passion for quality, turn-key renovation paired with our decades of experience and vast knowledge of environmental services can greatly aid a property owner in making informed decisions for optimal results.

Multi-Media Blasting

Years of neglect can seriously damage the interior and exterior of historic buildings. Restoring the original surface is an important component to a successful historic renovation and restoration project. Balestrieri’s team of experts can preserve the surface with proprietary equipment through multi-media blasting. This is a safe and efficient way to remove environmental hazards and materials from the original surface.

Exterior Chemical Cleaning

As part of the historic renovation process, the exterior surface of the building must be thoroughly cleaned to restore the surface and remove any contaminants, pollutants, impurities, or debris. Proper cleaning and restoration of the exterior surface showcases the historical features and character of the building.