Commercial Aerial Imagery (sUAV)

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV) provide significant benefits for facilities management and construction industries

Oftentimes, construction progress is monitored in part from photos taken on the ground. While this can be a useful tool to assess the progress of construction and document conditions at a particular point in the process, the ability to generate high-resolution aerial imagery on a regular basis – be it monthly, weekly, or even daily – will provide a more complete record of progress (or lack thereof). The efficiency of the application allows for repetitive, regular use, and provides another useful tool for both the developer and contractor.

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Our FAA licensed pilots and FAA registered equipment provide you with next-level partnership in project progress monitoring.
  • Project Safety: Identify potential hazards and reduce human risk by avoiding the use of lifts, scaffolding, and rigging.
  • Cost Reduction: Aerial footage/mapping is more accessible, accurate, and cost-effective than manned aircraft.
  • Communication: Communication and management solutions are delivered quickly and effectively.
  • Documenting Compliance: Photographs and video further document project compliance for various regulatory agencies to reference.
The law states that those who operate commercial drones outside of FAA regulations are doing so illegally. We ensure that all our procedures meet federal requirements and regulations.

It is imperative you know the following crucial information when considering who to partner with for your Aerial Imagery needs:

At Balestrieri, our team of FAA commercially trained and licensed pilots are ready to assist you with improved communication, monitoring, and cost reduction.

Our pilots adhere to all federal codes, regulations, and flight restrictions including Part 107, AC 107-2, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). We follow strict procedures and operate out of the FAA Remote Systems Pilot Handboo

All Balestrieri sUAV operators are insured and our services are bonded for liability protection. All drone equipment is registered with the FAA.

Safety is a top priority when it comes to commercial drone usage. Our pilots take great care to avoid potential hazards and reduce jobsite risk.

In accordance with Part 107, our sUAV pilots prioritize safety on every flight by performing pre-flight inspections on equipment, checking air space, referring to FAA Meteorological Aviation Reports (METAR) for weather conditions, and including an additional team member to ensure optimal vigilance of our equipment.

As an ongoing training procedure, we fully comply with the FAA requirement to have remote pilots attend and pass a recurrent aeronautical knowledge test every 24 months.

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