Womens Empowerment Meetings

Ellie here with an important blog! Being a female in the office, I look up to a lot of the women that work day in and day out to make Balestrieri a wonderful team to work with. Once a month we walk right up the road to Stillwater Coffee Company for our Women’s Empowerment Lunch. Kim Brown has helped our ladies along the way by getting to know us better and working on our goals individually, both business related and in our personal lives.

This week, Kim sent us home with a lot of thoughts and ideas to journal through both our work and personal lives. This week we brought home a Self Care and Lifestyle Balance Inventory. This was personal and for each women’s individual benchmarks as well as improvements that us ourselves can work on.

Each month, we take away a lot, as well as relax in these meetings so we can really think about ourselves, our team, and what we can do in the future to better both. We had a very good meeting in May and we are excited to bring back our goals, accomplishments, feedback, etc. As well as look forward to June and what it has to offer.