Scherrer Cares Golf Outing

Thursday, June 13th our guys Rich Heyer and Alex Balestrieri, joined Connor Nimmow and Robert Scherrer, from Scherrer Construction at Evergreen Country Club. The Scherrer Cares Golf Outing is an annual golf outing and this year, we had the honor to go alongside the Scherrer Family themselves.

Scherrer Cares is dedicated to giving back to the community. Through fundraising and sponsorships, Scherrer Cares donates to a variety of causes, including their own Scherrer Cares Buddy Bench Program. The program they created is designed to support schools in their anti-bullying efforts to help spread kindness and build friendships.

Rich and Alex had a blast, they created new working relationships, and were glad they could be there to support such a wonderful cause.