Safe & Sound Week

Safe and Sound Week, is an event held across the U.S. and abroad for organizations of all sizes and industries, recognizing their success through safety.

Balestrieri works hard every single day; day in and day out, to keep their men safe and out of harms way. The job is not easy and our men are put to the test to accomplish large tasks, but as a team we look out for one another and care about getting the job done quickly, safely, and professionally. Balestrieri both received recognition and certificates for participation in this event.

Safe and Sound is a world wide event and we are glad to be apart of such a great experience in the work force. Safe and Sound Week 2019, was a success and we take pride in not only a week, but all year round. This company takes pride and works hard to be the safest out there! So to all readers, stay safe and look out for one another!