Summit Place

Summit Place is now a grade “A” office and workplace environment, but it took some work to transform it. The former Allis-Chalmers building in downtown West Allis had deteriorated, and it was sad to see such an iconic building go unused. Whitnall Summit Company decided to step in and take action to save the landmark. Six years later, oy has become a successful office housing complex.

During the second adaptive reuse transformation of the office space, Balestrieri removed nearly 80,000 square feet of material, and had only a 30-day time slot n which to complete the job. They worked around the clock to meet the deadline, while the rest of the complex remained in tact and operational.

Balestrieri provided the services that allowed Whitnall Summit Company to make their offices compatible with the needs of their new tenant. Balestrieri went beyond the normal yo complete the project on a tight timeline,, while allowing the other tenants in the building to continue their work undisturbed.