St. Patrick’s Parish

Over the past 30 years, Saint Patrick’s Parish has conducted multiple studies to develop plans that would meet its growing needs. With an increased need for space, the Church’s Planning Committee came to the conclusion it was time to move forward with a brand new renovation and building addition to meet the needs of the parish.

St. Patrick’s Church was built in the year 1878. At nearly 136 years old with very few pre-existing renovations, all involved agreed it was time for the church to honor their past and build for their future.

As a result, St. Patrick’s raised the funds for the project over a 12-year time period. With help from Balestrieri Group, the parish demolished the neighboring building to make room for their new addition. They also demolished the interior of the building while keeping certain artifacts safe and undamaged. As a result the Parish added an extraordinary new addition to fulfill the needs of the church and community.