Northwestern Military and Naval Academy

The Northwestern Military Academy was founded by Harlan Page Davidson in 1888. The facility moved from its original location in Highland Park, Illinois to Linn Township, Wisconsin in 1915 and became known as the Northwestern Military and Naval Academy. The institution adopted military structure and religious principles in order to shape generations of young boys into outstanding citizens and scholars. After the school merged with St. Johns Military in 1995, the building was left unattended and eventually needed to be demolished. BE&D was contracted to abate the asbestos found in the floor tile, pipes, and spray-on coatings throughout the facility as well as demolish the building one the abatement was complete.

Linn Township had the very daunting task of determining how the land should be used in order to best serve the surrounding community. Once they decided an upscale neighborhood was to be constructed on the land, very strict recycling requirements were established to protect nearby Geneva Lake. B&D had to take extra care to make sure our work went above and beyond the expectations of Walworth County which proved a challenge in the short time allotted.

Balestrieri is a renowned for our professionalism and utmost respect for the environment. Linn Township knew that we would recycle all materials possible in order to save their landfills and protect Geneva Lake. We worked with the Township and the Developer to ensure that the new site plan and restoration would meet the requirements for approval by Walworth County. Because of their trust in us, the Town was able to build an upscale, gated community for future property owners, as well as save the stately oak and hickory trees on the property for families to enjoy for decades to come.