Milwaukee VA Medical Center

Location: 5000 West National Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53295

Project Manager: Rich Heyer

Field Manager: Luis Cruz

The Milwaukee VA Medical Center sits on a large campus with many historical buildings. One of these buildings is Building 6, a structure used for administrative purposes. Balestrieri Environmental helped revitalize the historical building of The Milwaukee VA Medical Center by providing environmental and demolition services. Much of the interior of the building was renovated and updated. These renovations required asbestos abatement and lead remediation. The old building was also made of complex, thick walls that needed to be removed. These are only a few of the challenges that arose while working on the historical VA building.

The project included the participation of several contractors. Therefore, cooperation between each company was essential in navigating how to create cost-effective solutions to any problems that arose. There was a unique situation where our team came across large freezers covered in asbestos-containing insulation. Our crews are multi-disciplined workers and licensed in multiple environmental sectors. This advantage gives them the ability to adapt to unique situations on the job. Balestrieri’s turnkey services allow the same crew to handle all of the conditions while working on a project. This eliminates the time and costs of relying on others to get the job completed.