LLoyd House

For decades, the Lloyd House has been, and continues to be, a building of many uses in the town of Menominee. The building began as a fish house, then Lloyd transformed it into a Montgomery Wards clothing store, and in the beginning of 2013, it was renovated into apartments and a retail center.

The former industrial building needed to be transformed into living quarters and retail. This historic piece of Menominee needed serious interior remediation, as well as demolition of certain parts of the building in order to accommodate the construction of upper floor apartments, retail centers on the first floor, and a parking garage underneath the base of the building.

Balestrieri’s knowledgeable team assisted in this large scale renovation by completing a number of critical turn-key services in order to make the project a reality. These services brought the cold and lonely Lloyd House back to life to fulfill its future as living units and a place of commerce.