Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena

After 62 years of being a state icon, it was time to replace the old with the new. This project replaced the Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena and Shopko Hall with a rectangular expo hall with about 120,000 square feet of event space on the ground. In the famous Title town, a district that is bringing millions of dollars to the local area and helping the Green Bay packers play with the big dogs.

Balestrieri was hired to perform asbestos abatement starting in the spring with a total of 2 months to complete the project per the inspection report provided. BE&D’s Crew expedited the schedule and finished removing everything in the contract 3 weeks earlier than the allotted time in the schedule.

In June BE&D was asked to return to the site for an additional emergency cleanup due to unforeseen conditions. BE&D’s crew once again worked around the clock in order to make it happen and keep Veit, the demolition contractor, on schedule. BE&D finished the emergency clean up within a week and a half saving the village in time and money.