Alro Steel

A once industrial landmark marvel, the former Central Steel and Wire Building known by many locals just before the northbound I-94 Plainfield Curve was purchased by Alro Steel. Alro Steel saw large potential in modernizing the building through renovation and tripling the size of its footprint. Balestrieri was trusted by Alro and an out of state General Contractor to properly remove the asbestos within the old office area and the canopy windows. Impressed with Balestrieri’s efficiency and professionalism, the General Contractor brought on Balestrieri to perform the immense amount of specialty demolition necessary to revitalize the building and bring to life the image Alro desired. Balestrieri demolished infills of a windowless office setting, removed exterior panels in a fast and safe manner, worked along ironworkers and painters to address lead issues, removed elevated air handling units, roof penetrations, concrete cutting, and construction cleaning services. Balestrieri’s “one stop shop” mentality and expertise were showcased throughout this project and no environmental or demolition challenge was too tough to tackle. Balestrieri is proud to be a part of this building transformation and had a great experience working with Alro and the General Contractor. A once quite, cold building is now an appealing structure Alro is proud to place their name on.