Abell’s Restaurant


A local landmark since the 1920’s, this favorite restaurant north of Elkhorn, Wisconsin was destroyed by a fire during the early morning hours of September 5, 2014. The fire was so strong that local volunteer firefighters were called in from twenty fire departments and a section of US Highway 12 was closed during the blaze.

Balestrieri Environmental Project Coordinator Mike Kapitan, former owner of Abell’s Restaurant commented, “Due to the long fire and insurance investigations, the building sat in a heap of ruble and ash, half burnt down and half standing. It was not only an eyesore, but more importantly a reminder to all the great customers we had that it was no longer going to be a place to go.”

Kapitan continues, “By the time the building could be demolished it was January of 2015, calling in Balestrieri to demolish the building was the best option.”

Dealing with both extreme January temperatures and also within fifteen feet of the US Highway 12, Balestrieri crews worked efficiently and safely to take down and remove the local icon. The work was performed on time and on budget.