Our Team

Ty Garlock


Field Management



My brother, Nolan and I have been working for Balestrieri for several years now. Our teamwork with one another has helped us both gain knowledge and learn from our mistakes. With the industry changing constantly it is our job to keep up with the new. Starting out in the field with new projects every day to now becoming a project manager, I would like to say my success comes from the hands-on experience. I know what needs to happen in the field from logistics management, to time management and everything in between with the office and field staff. Now being an experienced project manager, I have the knowledge and capability to plan, implement, and monitor project from start to finish.

My personal time is usually spent with the family, or helping other friends with their work projects as I love to move constantly and help everyone as best as I can. I also enjoy being outside constantly; in the fall you can find me in a tree stand and in the winter I am typically always up north spending time on my snowmobile, again with family and friends. I have a dog named Ruger who I am always spending time with and training to be a hunting dog, so he can join me in the field.

Balestrieri is family and I am so thankful for the opportunities here. I am looking forward to growing with the company and taking on many more projects with this team.