Nazim and Besart Agushi, Father Son Duo

As Balestrieri’s Mascot I am honored to introduce Nazim and Besart Agushi. Nazim has been a part of Team Bal since 1999. He introduced his son to Team Bal in 2009 when Besart was just 14 years old. Besart has followed in his fathers footsteps for the last 10 years with this team.

We are very proud of the both of them. Together they make a wonderful team and Besart has really moved up in this industry with a major gain in knowledge as well as skill sets. He really takes after his father Nazim who we are also really proud of. We are very proud of the both of them and thankful to have such wonderful Team Members at our side.

The two of them have recently been working at Chr. Hansen Inc., a Demolition Job in West Allis.

But that’s enough of me, watch the video below to let them speak for themselves.

Yours truly,