Besart Agushi’s Wedding

In recent news, Besart Agushi, our Balestrieri Services Team Member married his beautiful wife, Besarta. They got married in Kosovo, a little Country just North of Macedonia. They wanted to go back to Kosovo, to enjoy the wedding with their loved ones and the majority of their families.

Besart was born in Kosovo and goes home to visit quite often and Besarta was born in Chicago, however her and her family moved to Kosovo for several years where she learned the language and grew up with family members there.

The Balestrieri Family; Ken, Cindy, Alex, and Jessica traveled to Kosovo for two weeks to go to the wedding in support of the lovely couple. They stayed nearby and toured a large portion of Kosovo with Besarta’s Family, and Besart’s Family, including his father Nazim, who is a Field Manager here at Balestrieri Environmental!

Below are pictures from the wedding, which was an absolute blast and hands down, worth the 5,000 mile trip across the country. The Balestrieri’s also have always wanted to visit Nazim and Besart’s hometown and now they have. With love and support from everyone at Balestrieri; Congratulations, Besart and Besarta, we wish you many years of love and joy.