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OSHA revised its Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) in March 2012 to align with the United Nations' Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) and published it in the Federal Register in March 2012 (77 FR 17574). Two significant changes contained in the revised standard require the use of new labeling elements and a standardized format for Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), formerly known as, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs). The new label elements and SDS requirements will improve worker understanding of the hazards associated with the chemicals in their workplace. To help companies comply with the revised standard, OSHA is phasing in the specific requirements over several years (Dec. 1, 2013 to June 1, 2016).

The first compliance date of the revised HCS was December 1, 2013. By that time, employers must have trained their workers on the new label elements and the SDS format. This training is needed early in the transition process since workers are already beginning to see the new labels and SDSs on the chemicals in their workplace. To ensure employees have the information they need to better protect themselves from chemical hazards in the workplace during the transition period, it is critical that employees understand the new label and SDS formats.

At Balestrieri, protection of human health and the environment is our number one priority. We are committed to the safety of our employees, the employees of others on the job site, and the general public.


Below are links to frequently requested safety data sheets (SDS):

Product Name
All Purpose Cleaner Fabuloso-Lavender
Black Beauty Abrasive
Harsco Corporation
Childers CP-09
Specialty Construction Brands, Inc
Childers CP-97
Specialty Construction Brands, Inc
Foster 32-60 Asbestos Removal Encapsulant
Foster Products Corporation
Foster 32-80 Bridging Encapsulant
Foster Products Corporation
I-Chem Web Adhesive MP (Prod# ICA-308)
Masterchem Industries
LOW Odor Mastic Remover
Grayling Industries
No Odor Mastic Remover
Grayling Industries
No Odor Mastic Remover (Soy Zero)
Grayling Industries
Orange Power Heavy Duty Cleaner
Sprayway, Inc.
Peel Away 1
Dumond Chemicals Inc.
Sentinel 747 Low Odor Mastic Remover
Sentinel Chemical Company, Inc.
Simple Green Cleaner
Sunshine Makers, Inc.
TSP (Trisodium Phosphate Anhydrous)
DAP, Inc.
ZEP Heavy Duty Citrus Degreaser
Zep Manufacturing

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