Pre-Construction Inspections

The National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) regulation requires all facilities to be inspected for asbestos prior to renovation or demolition activities. There are over 3,000 known building materials that contain asbestos – why risk a regulatory citation?

Regulatory agencies in both Wisconsin and Illinois have put together excellent resources for building owners. Information can be downloaded from these sites: 

Here to Help

To safeguard compliance with current regulations and pending legislation, trust Balestrieri, the industry leaders in asbestos abatement, to guide you through inspections, remediation, and final project documentation. 

The Department of Natural Resource’s NR 447.19 has strengthened its citation authority when demolition or renovation projects fail to comply with either: 

  1. Filing a Notice of Intent to demolish a building;
  2. Properly inspecting a site for asbestos containing materials prior to demolition or renovation activities; and,
  3. Improperly disposing of asbestos waste material. 

Don’t risk the health or safety standards of you or your building occupants.



We offer a wide range of comprehensive trainings for new employees or continued education. Whether for a company-wide refresher or a single employee, our certified trainers welcome the opportunity to increase awareness and provide valuable information on hazardous materials.

Our OSHA-certified trainings include:

2-Hour Asbestos Awareness

This course provides an overview on asbestos. Individuals taking this course learn what types of materials asbestos is commonly found within, what asbestos may look like, and when it is necessary to seek professional assistance for abatement services. All Balestrieri employees are required to take this course, if not a more thorough course.

2-Hour Lead in Construction Awareness

Individuals taking this course receive an overview on the hazards associated with lead, precautions to take when in the presence of lead, and when to seek professional abatement services.

2-Hour Mold Awareness

This course provides a synopsis on where mold is likely to form, proper procedures to follow when exposed to mold, and when an expert needs to be contacted.

16-Hour Asbestos Operations and Maintenance

As a more comprehensive training, this course prepares individuals to identify and safely remove small quantities of asbestos less than or equal to one glove bag.



Operations and Maintenance Refresher

To maintain certification, this course is offered as a review of the 16-Hour course.

To further inquire or schedule a training, please contact our Safety Team.

Phone – 262.743.2800

Email – [email protected]