Abby here, Hello from all of us at Team Balestrieri. First off welcome to the NEW Balestrieri group website. I can’t believe Fall is almost here!

My friends at Balestrieri have been working all summer to ensure that school facilities are hazard free. Back-to-school time is a great opportunity to review safe driving practices near school zones, crosswalks, bus stops, and wherever children may be present outdoors.

  • Get in the habit of noticing where school zones and crosswalks are.
  • Always stop for school buses with flashing red lights.
  • Slow down and prepare to brake.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Be patient of traffic patterns and thankful for your local crossing guards.

We would also like to share our Employee Spotlight Individual for September. May I introduce you to one of my favorite people Jess Balestrieri!

Jess plays a role in digital media, wearables, marketing, and social media here at Balestrieri. She does a ton of work with our drones and makes cool videos for the website. Jess states, “a typical work day is either running to all the job sites for
drone footage or working on little projects in the office to help others get things done.” For the most part, Jess works with everyone, but she enjoys going to jobsites to get to know the workers and take pictures while she’s there.

I’d also like to invite you to join my human counterparts at the WHEA Technical Expo Wednesday September 18th, 2018. We are in the same booth as last year 420. WHEA is the Wisconsin Healthcare Engineering Association. We look forward to seeing you there!

I’d like to end September’s Blog with a congratulatory compliment to Breanna Brunner. She is our Safety and Project Coordinator and does ALL of our Online Contractor Management. She was featured by ISNetworld and made a great testimonial video. You really should check it out, click the link here.

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