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Mike Ruenz

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Senior Project Manager/Estimator

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Hi, thanks for dropping into Balestrieri Environmental & Development’s website. My name is Mike Ruenz and I have been working with Balestrieri for over a decade. First starting in the field as a technician, then advancing into field management focusing on major infrastructure, power generation, industry and manufacturing, and healthcare. Additionally, I have taken on the role of our Field Safety Manager.

My personal time is spent at the roller rink, the YMCA pool, and playing guitar with my local church communities. Rescuing and training deaf Pit Bulls as service animals is where my heart is. Meet Lilly, my current dog mate and best friend. Outside of these activities I am an avid yard-scaper, tree trimmer, and all-around yard fanatic. I also enjoy aerial imagery as a personal hobby along with commercially and professionally documenting sites for safety and progress here at Balestrieri Environmental & Development, also adding to our marketing portfolio. We look forward to meeting you, our potential client, and developing a professional relationship with you that has a very personal touch.

“My deaf Pit Bull, Lilly, is an accredited service animal. Seeing her interact with disabled individuals is very rewarding.”