Hello everyone, Ellie here! As Balestrieri continues to grow we continue to welcome new employees with open arms. With that being said, I would like to officially welcome Carley Fettig to the Balestrieri Team. She is joining us as a Project Coordinator, as well as a part of the Safety Team. She had a marvelous first week and is a wonderful addition to our team.

Carley is a UW- Whitewater graduate. Ken reached out to Carley and offered her a job when he heard that she was going back to school, so of course, she took the opportunity and has been a successful addition to our team. She is a great worker and has set some pretty high goals for herself which she cannot wait to accomplish.

Being a dog, I have bias opinions, however, Carley does have two very cute cats Sapphire and Buttons. Carley also has a love for softball and baseball, her favorite team, of course, is the Milwaukee Brewers.


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