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UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital

Location: 1675 Highland Ave, Madison, WI

Service Category: Demolition

Project Manager: Richard Heyer

Field Manager: Nick Tislau

UW Children's Hospital, Balestrieri Environmental, ABC Project of Distinction


Project Summary

With nationally and internationally known pediatricians, it’s no wonder the UW Children’s Hospital outgrew its old space within the UW Hospital and Clinics facility.

In 2007, the Children’s Hospital moved out and became the American Family Children’s Hospital. The building is much larger and allows for a child-friendly environment in which UW physicians are able to provide top pediatric care. Changes have been made to the facility over the years including the addition of a new helipad. Our team was hired to disassemble the helipad no longer in use.

Due to the uniqueness of this project, it received an ABC Project of Distinction Nomination by Pioneer Roofing.

Services Provided by Balestrieri

  •  Demolition


Working in a hospital requires extreme caution and attention to detail and so does working on a hospital. Every move our team made had to be precisely calculated due to the MRI machines located in the room directly underneath the helipad. These machines are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and vibrations-a degree of error on our end could have easily rendered an entire machine useless.

Our team of experts also had to be mindful of the emergency routes and comply with the safety procedures of the hospital. Each time flight-for-life was needed, we had to turn off our cranes until given the “all-clear” by hospital safety staff. Work hours also had to be tailored to align with patients’ rest schedules.


Balestrieri was able to complete the disassembly of the helipad ahead of schedule while still allowing for the regular procedures of the hospital to be carried out. To reduce vibrations, we surgically demolished one small section of the helipad at a time. That coordination of staging locations with the roofing contractor and the hospital consultant ensured that all the facilities were properly accessible for hospital operations to continue without interruption. Additionally, we developed a work schedule with the city of Madison and the hospital that catered to the needs of the residents and patients.

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Children's Hospital of Madison, Helipad, balestrieri environmentalBalestrieri Environmental, Demolition project, Children's Hospital Madison

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