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Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi

Location: 3195 S. Superior St, St. Francis, Wisconsin

Service Category: Aerial Imagery (sUAV)

Project Manager: Richard Heyer

Field Manager: Michael Ruenz

Project Summary:

Originally the Sisters of St. Francis seminary, constructed in the mid 1800’s, it housed German immigrant men aspiring to the priesthood. The title Sisters was formed at the request of then Archbishop Henni, who asked a small group of lay third-order Franciscan missionary women to do the ordinary work of women in the seminary prompting them to set about on a life of prayer and service. When the motherhouse of the those women was relocated to LaCrosse, a few short years later Mother Antonia deemed the traditional work of the seminary women unsuitable. Thirty seven women remained behind to carry out the seminary work forming the Sisters of St. Francis Assisi.

Services Provided by Balestrieri:

  • Pre-Demolition inspection with the use of Aerial Imagery (sUAV)


Due to the age of the building and the integrity of the roof structure, safety concerns were an issue. Attaining visual and photo documentation of the roof and upper floors of the building would require the use of aerial platform lifts for access to the roof and safety monitoring personnel. Unfortunately the owner was concerned with the potential to damage existing parking lots, sidewalks and landscaping.


Balestrieri presented a plan to utilize Aerial Imagery (sUAV) for viewing, documentation and measurement of the elevated locations.  Owner Representatives were able to view high-definition still photos of the exterior building components for historical documentation.  Balestrieri’s new client service – Aerial Imagery- (sUAV) – allowed the Owner to make informed and timely decisions when determining the scope of the project, which building materials could be salvaged prior to and during the demolition process.

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