Aerial Imagery (sUAV)

Aerial Imagery (sUAV) Projects

Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (sUAV) provide significant benefits for the facilities management and construction industries. Our FAA licensed pilots and FAA registered equipment provide you with a next-level partnership in project progress monitoring.

  • Project Safety: Identify potential hazards reducing human risk. Avoid use of lifts, scaffolding, or rigging.
  • Cost Reduction: Aerial footage/mapping more accessible and accurate than less cost-effective manned aircraft.
  • Communication: Identify deficiencies, communication and management solutions delivered quickly and effectively.
  • Documenting Compliance: Complying with applicable regulations this service provides additional photographs and video documenting project compliance for approved erosion control schedule and sequencing; the conduct of remedial activities per the approved Remedial Action Plan; soil management plan and proper management of “continuing obligations” required by the WDNR and other regulatory agencies.
  • Trust Balestrieri: Our teams of FAA commercially trained and licensed pilots are “ready” to assist you with your next project.

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