Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) ConventionĀ 2018 Wrap Up

Balestrieri's Booth at WASB Convention 2018
On January 17th, Balestrieri Project Manager Michael Ruenz attended the 97th Annual Wisconsin Association for School Boards (WASB) Convention at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee.

“I had a blast attending the conference. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to network with top educators and decision makers who truly care about the health and safety of our youth,” Mike Ruenz remarked.


WASB Convention 2018 Wrap Up




The goal of this annual event is to discuss ways in which school systems can better personalize education while supporting the physical health and mental well-being of the students. This year’s theme was “Telling Our Story,” which recognized the importance in sharing stories of success.

The theme really hits close to home with all the success stories occurring within the Elkhorn Area School District. In November of 2016, the City of Elkhorn passed a $22,900,000 referendum that would improve various programs and facilities district-wide.

Balestrieri was contracted to aid in three major stages of the project. This summer, we will complete the final of the three stages by abating the Elkhorn Area High School Auditorium’s tiling and caulking. (View project case study)

“Attending events such as WASB helps shed a light on the unique challenges that accompany working in educational facilities. The more we learn about the industry from the inside, the better we are at providing the best possible services for our clients,” Mike explained.

Next year’s event will take place in the Wisconsin Center on January 23rd-25th. We hope to see you there!

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