Balestrieri Team Updates

Fond Farewell to Rafael Venegas










A Fond Farewell to Rafael Venegas

After 14 years, one of our most dedicated Field Managers, Rafael Venegas, is headed into retirement. Rafael first came to Balestrieri in 2002 with an extensive construction background, quickly becoming a valuable asset to our field management team.

From all of us at Balestrieri, we wish Rafael an incredible retirement and the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Our team will miss him!

Warm Welcomes to Hector Jaramillo and Rafael Villegas

We are thrilled to announce our two newly promoted Field Managers, Hector Jaramillo and Rafael Villegas.

As proud employees of Balestrieri since 2008, both Hector and Rafael have earned promotions to our Field Management team with their display of hard work, preparedness, eagerness to learn, and respect for our clients and fellow employees.

Warm Welcome to Hector Jaramillo


Hector looks forward to embracing new challenges that present themselves in the field. “Be punctual, responsible and passionate about your work, and always show your smile,” says Hector.

Warm Welcome to Rafael Villegas


Rafael’s primary focus continues to be safety and ongoing industry education, while taking on larger projects. “Be safe and don’t take short cuts,” says Rafael.




Both Hector and Rafael are fully committed to Balestrieri’s proven standard of excellence and take a disciplined approach to their work.

At Balestrieri, we are all excited and proud to see the growth of these two employees and look forward to watching their continued success within their new roles.

Totally Awesome 60’s & 70’s Ladies’ Night Out!

Balestrieri Ladies' Night Out

On June 22, the women of Balestrieri embarked on their annual ladies’ night out.

The theme for 2017 was a throwback to the 60’s and 70’s. The Balestrieri women were encouraged to dress the part, which meant bellbottoms and tie-dye, of course!

Nicole Cervantes, our HR Manager, took first place in the best dressed category, while the 60’s and 70’s greatest hits were played loudly and proudly at the ladies’ night disco party.

The event was groovy!  There was a great food menu from back in the day, as well, including a relish tray, deviled eggs, marshmallow fluff, and Fritos! All and all, it was a great evening filled with lots of laughter.  

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