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For the last several years, Balestrieri team members have participated in a successful employee wellness program. Our team’s commitment to improving their overall wellness has improved our morale, built stronger team bonds, and relieved stress.

“I participate in every wellness event that I can because it is so much fun and healthy at the same time,” Nicole Cervantes commented. “I can bring my children, and they get to see a little bit of me at work giving back to my community. They are beginning their life of giving back in a healthy way, as well.”

Balestrieri has taken part in a few unique wellness programs this year:

  • Kayaking, Nature Walk, 28-Day Plank Challenge, Bubble Soccer (won through a silent auction in the Elkhorn Area High School Purple and Gold Scholarship night). With fun, challenging, and rewarding activities this past year, our team has kept things fresh and exciting.
  • Cancer Assault Challenge, Elkhorn, WI – 2017 was this charity mud run’s 5th and final year held at Lutherdale Ministries. Balestrieri participated in each of the five years, through sponsorship, volunteering, and running the course. This was the most popular wellness event of the year as many employees and their families participated.
  • Reindeer Run/Walk, Elkhorn WI – 2016 marked its 3rd Annual event, which was held on December 3rd and drew a large Balestrieri crowd. Morgan Wiswell, a friend of the company, was the first woman to cross the finish line.

These programs help us create an environment where people want to come to work. At Balestrieri, our employee wellness initiatives have brought us closer to one another, as well as our friends and neighbors.

Balestrieri Team Turns out for the Reindeer Run/Walk

Both the Cancer Assault Challenge and the Reindeer Run/Walk support our local community. Employees enjoy participating in these events because they are family-friendly and fun. They also create opportunities to give back to our local community and form lasting relationships with others.

It’s always great to meet our co-workers’ families, as well, creating deeper bonds with the people we see and work with on a daily basis. Spending time with Balestrieri team members outside of work helps to ease the stresses of busy work weeks and reminds us that we are all on the same team.

Participating in our wellness program gives our employees a chance to try new things, while improving their life through health, fitness, and camaraderie. These benefits carry over to our performance as a team. 

“My favorite event was the Cancer Assault Challenge because I left with a huge sense of accomplishment,” Nicole Cervantes said. “I am proud that Balestrieri participated in all five years and had a blast every time – even the year it was freezing cold!”

Although 2017’s wellness program has been outstanding, the Balestrieri team continues to brainstorm new, exciting ways to get fit. We’re putting together plans for a walking/running challenge, healthy recipe contest, ski/snowboard outing, and biggest loser challenge.

We also plan to put a team together for the City of Elkhorn’s 5th Annual Reindeer Run/Walk, so stay tuned for more details, as the event approaches.

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