Featured Project Case Studies - 2017

2017 was another great year for Project Case Studies. The following were added to our website most recently. Be sure to check out the full write-ups under the Case Studies section of our website, and witness some of these projects from a drone’s perspective on our YouTube channel.

War Memorial Center

Milwaukee War Memorial Center









Our experts were contracted to abate the Milwaukee War Memorial Center’s Bird Cage, a one-of-a-kind structure that hadn’t undergone any major renovations in the six decades since its dedication. All the glass that enclosed the stairwell needed to be replaced and the metal beams supporting them had to be stripped of their lead coatings and repainted.

“The most crucial piece was making sure all the veterans’ names on the pool stone below were protected,” recalled Balestrieri Project Manager Richard Heyer. “We took several precautions to ensure their safety.”

John Deere Horicon Works

John Deere Horicon Works









John Deere needed our assistance with encasing the asbestos containing transite panels on the roof of their tallest building. Balestrieri had to carefully stage a large crane equipped with a man basket and work with the City of Horicon to organize traffic control for this project because of the facility’s location on the beautiful Rock River.

UW Health American Family Children’s Hospital

UW Children's Hospital









UW Children’s Hospital is known internationally for their team of pediatricians and child-friendly atmosphere. They contracted us to demolish an old helipad that was no longer in use.

Although we have a strong reputation in the abatement industry, we’re also known for our close attention to detail and precise calculations. These skills were required for the project due to the MRI machines located in the room below the helipad. A degree of error on our part could’ve rendered them useless due to their highly sensitive magnetic fields.

Learn more about the challenges of this ABC Project of Distinction nominated undertaking and how we overcame them.

City of Waterloo

City of Waterloo









After gaining the authority to build upon their own steam and electric generating system in 1942, the City of Waterloo was finally able to install steam trenches to bring heating to their buildings.

The town is no longer in need of this system for heating since newer, more efficient methods have been introduced and began extracting the trenches from underground. Balestrieri was called in to professionally remove the asbestos insulating materials and impacted soils from the site.

Sappi Mill

In 2016, Pure Muskegon, LLC. purchased the site of the former Sappi Fine Paper Mill in order to facilitate growth throughout the community. Before they could re-purpose the vast 100+ acres into mixed use commercial and residential developments, two 275’ smokestacks with asbestos coatings needed to be abated and demolished.

Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Situated as the midway point between Madison, Milwaukee, Rockford, and Chicago, Alpine Valley made a name for itself as one of the top venues in America during its peak. Acts like The Rolling Stones, The Who, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, and Guns N’ Roses (among several others) have taken the stage of this 37,000 capacity amphitheater.

Because these rockers often use impressive amounts of pyro, a solid, flame-retardant wall was required backstage. This wall was originally all transite panels, so Balestrieri was contracted to replace them with newer, environmentally safe materials.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

An integral piece to the Milwaukee community, MATC has been a reliable presence since its founding in 1912. Balestrieri’s expert assistance has been used to abate several buildings of theirs over the years. Recently, we were hired to remove window lintels coated in lead paint on their main campus.

“I think it’s imperative we at Balestrieri develop strong relationships with our clients. MATC knows they can call us with any problem, and we’ll be there the next day for them with the proper equipment necessary for the job,” commented Balestrieri Project Manager Nate Kawlewski.

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