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Company Mascot


Company Mascot

Balestrieri’s beloved mascot and popular advice columnist

Abby is one of our most valuable team members. She shows up ready for work with a good attitude, she never whines about anything (other than to go out, of course), and she’s always happy to see you.

For those of you that haven’t met Abby, she’s our eight-year old Golden Retriever. Abby comes to the office nearly every day. No matter how hectic things get, a quick wag of her tail brings a smile to everyone’s face and helps us stay calm and focused.

When she’s not working as our office psychologist, Abby uses her years of environmental and construction experience to write our advice column, Ask Abby.

“It’s a dog eat dog world in the construction industry,” says Abby, Helping our clients with their environmental construction, renovation and selective-demolition projects showcases Balestrieri Environmental’s dedication to self-performing, turn-key services – with outstanding results.

During her free time, Abby balances her love of hunting and being outdoors with begging for doggy treats from family and co-workers. She also enjoys boating and swimming and sun bathing on the pier.

Abby has some good advice for all of us:

  • You’ll get more treats by wagging your tail than by growling.
  • Stop and smell the roses and anything else that catches your fancy.
  • Don’t take yourself too seriously. Dogs don’t and neither should you.
  • Life is short. Get your paws muddy whenever you can.

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