Online Contractor Management

Online Contractor Management

Employees at Balestrieri understand the importance of construction pre-qualification to assist our clients (corporations, general contractors and property management firms) mitigate their risk management. After all, our mission statement hasn’t changed in twenty-five years.

Balestrieri mission statement, Demolition, Historical preservation, asbestos abatement “Our mission has been and will continue to be, assisting our clients in reducing their exposure to environmental liability and hazards.” Balestrieri Safety Manager, Stephen Jandrowski recently commented. “No matter what side of the coin you are on, General Contractor or Subcontractor, establishing confidence between partners is essential to a project’s success.”

Why does Balestrieri invest in an employee team, made up of members from project, safety, marketing and administration management, to continually monitor our pre-qualification process? It’s simple, we look upon the pre-qualification process as an opportunity to de-commoditize our bids.

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“Our approach to pre-qualification is positive,” continued Jandrowski. “We understand that our clients are not only searching for the lowest bidder but also the best qualified bidder to perform their work. This is the perfect opportunity for us to showcase our self-performing labor skills. We see a continued and concerted effort in the construction industry for pre-qualification, no doubt due to increased pressure from insurance companies to control risk management on a project.”

Industry experts agree. As this shift continues, pre-qualification programs have become more prevalent. Nearly gone are the days of 20-page hand-typed forms. Rather, the industry has begun to embrace various software solutions to eliminate the tedious manual process and streamline data collection.

Bruce Morton, CHST, Senior Loss Control Consultant with Marsh & McLennan Agency concurs, “Seeing Balestrieri’s jobsites first-hand while performing safety inspections, you can see that their contract management programs and their pre-qualification of their subcontractors is paying off with safe and OSHA compliant jobsites.”

Balestrieri marketing professional, Angela Gasiamis, went on to add, “Today we have several online contractor management programs that we subscribe to. These sites collect a myriad of data on our company including bonding and insurance information, certifications and licenses, equipment, project history, safety program information, as well as references, MBE/WBE status and questions regarding legal/pending litigation information. The members of our team work hard to manage the pre-qualification process which allows us to win better qualified work for Balestrieri.”

Currently, Balestrieri is registered with the following online contractor management programs:

For additional information on Balestrieri’s online contractor management and pre-qualification programs, please contact Angela Gasiamis.

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