25th Anniversary

Balestrieri Celebrates 25 Years of Service!






Balestrieri Celebrates 25th Year of Excellence!

Balestrieri Environmental and Development is officially celebrating our 25th year providing premier client services with a relentless focus on human health and safety.

We've come a long way since our humble first year, working out of a 1972 Dodge Cargo Van with a borrowed wheel barrow and a few shovels. Today, Balestrieri has become an industry leader in turn-key abatement, adaptive reuse, interior/exterior demolition, and aerial imagery (sUAV) services.

Although our range of services and level of project management have increased, our guiding principles of safety, value, service, trust, integrity, and partnership haven't changed. We still appreciate each client and every unique project, providing a high level of unwavering customer service, safety standards, and communication.

The Balestrieri difference has always been found in our quality team. Our employees are the ones who make it happen. Over the last 25 years, we have had exceptional men and women working alongside us, including Shirley Dettman, Seum Ladarom, and Tony Balestrieri, each of whom have been with Ken and Cindy Balestrieri since day one.

Seum Ladarom, 25-Year Employee






“After 25 years working side by side with both Ken and Cindy, I feel that I have grown with this company. I feel the trust that they’ve had in me during my time with them and the support they have shown me in both my personal and business life is invaluable,” said Seum Ladarom, our longest running Field Manager. “Being ethical in business is not always the easiest of practices, but this company has always known it was the right way to do things.”

Shirley Dettman mentioned, “I have had 25 wonderful years with this company. Ken and Cindy are great people and have made me part of the family. I wish them many more successful years!”

Our family atmosphere and team mentality have allowed us to build a strong reputation in the industry and assist a wider range of clients with broader scope of projects.

“Looking out for the company always meant looking out for the employees, including their personal lives,” Seum also mentioned. “There has never been a time that I thought about going elsewhere. This company has always given me the freedom and support to grow and prosper with them. I have nothing but gratitude toward this entire organization.”

The growing demands of our industry have led us to hire more great people, and always strive to exceed expectations of safety, communication, and project management.

Emelia Riley, Project Team Coordinator






"I have thoroughly enjoyed working at Balestrieri for the past (almost) two years," Project Team Coordinator Emily Riley said. "I have been blessed with so many opportunities inside and outside of the company. There is always something new and exciting in the industry and in each work day. The entire Balestrieri team is incredible to work with, and I look forward to being part of the next 25 years of excellence!"

Mike Kapitan, Project Coordinator

"Balestrieri is a team, and the experience has been very rewarding," said Project Coordinator Michael Kapitan, who joined us in 2014. "The construction industry is fast-paced with new experiences on every project. The project management's teamwork and knowledge gives us a competitive edge in this demanding industry."

After 25 years, we've discovered many ways to engage, improve, and grow alongside changing landscapes. Through countless projects, constant education and training, and a few headquarter updates, we are proud of our past and excited for what our future holds.

Perhaps the best summary of our team’s outlook on this exciting milestone comes from 25-year employee Tony Balestreri, "It has been awesome. Let's go another 25!"


COMING SOON! Learn more about Balestrieri’s 25-year journey by viewing our interactive 25-year timeline!

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